# Modifier Reference

The following modifiers can be used from within matchers that support modifiers.

# companyLegalForm

The companyLegalForm modifier returns the legal form of the provided full company name. If no legal form was identified, then the result is an empty text.


  • Example Inc. Inc.
  • Super Tech S.à.r.l S.à.r.l
  • Best GmbH & Co. KG GmbH & Co. KG
  • John Smith ``

# companyName

The companyName modifier returns the company name without the legal form. If no legal form was identified, then the result is equal to the provided input.

This modifier is highly recommended when matching company names phonetically as otherwise there would be a high similarity between short company names with the same legal form, e.g. AAA Inc. and BBB Inc..


  • Example Inc. Example
  • Super Tech S.à.r.l Super Tech
  • Best GmbH & Co. KG Best
  • John Smith John Smith

# normalizeSpaces

The normalizeSpaces modifier removes all leading and trailing horizontal spaces and reduces multiple horizontal spaces within a text to a single whitespace character ( ).


  •  abc  abc
  •   a  b     c     a b c

# onlyNumbers

The onlyNumbers modifier removes all characters from a text that does not represents a numeral.


  • 123 123
  • abc123 123
  • a1b2c3 123
  • 1.2,3 123

# removeSpaces

The removeSpaces modifier removes all horizontal spaces from a text.


  •  abc  abc
  •   a  b     c     abc

# substr3

substr3 returns the first three characters of a string and nothing else. Seriously, don't even try substr42. We honestly, have no clue why you even would want to consider this modifier, yet reading its documentation.


  • abcdef abc