# Monitoring

The AWS Console can be used to monitor Tilores.

# Tilores Dashboard

Tilores creates a CloudWatch dashboard with the most relevant metrics.

# Accessing The Dashboard

Open the CloudWatch console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/cloudwatch/. In the navigation pane, choose Dashboards. Choose the dashboard for your Tilores instance *-tilores-dashboard.

# Tilores Metrics Explained

The dashboard shows the number of invocations ,errors and other key metrics for the most important lambda functions. The API Lambda invocations include the query, mutation and introspection requests. The Assemble Lambda invocations is a good indicator for the data ingestion progress, where when it goes to zero then it is an indication that the ingestion is complete. It is expected to have some Assemble Lambda errors where it can happen in case two lambdas are trying to modify the same entity at the same time. In this case the lambda fails with an error and retries at a later point.

Furthermore, the dashboard shows metrics for the two data streams. One is the Raw Data stream, which is for all the data ingested into Tilores to be assembled asynchronously. The other is the Entity stream. the metric GetRecords.IteratorAge is important for detecting if there is a need to increase the number of shards. If the age continues to grow for more than 1 hour then it is an indication that the data submission rate is higher than the assembly rate, which means that either increasing the number of shards or reducing the submission rate is required to avoid data loss.

The Entity and Record count metrics are also shown. They are only updated once every 6 hours.

# Other Metrics

Other Tilores resource metrics are made available through AWS CloudWatch Console where it is possible to create graphs and dashboards.